Ministry of Sports

The “International Conference on Governance and Integrity in Sport” (ICGIS) focuses on promoting the concept of governance and integrity in sport fields, role of government regulations, and legislation in ensuring transparency and justice in the public and private sports sectors, by discussing best practices in risk management, financial oversight, as well as, facing challenges of choosing professionals and the right employees to be placed in boards of the sports sectors, which will improve justice, integrity, fair opportunities for its employees, and attract sport investors.

Conference Date

Held on Dec 28–29, 2020

Objectives of the Conference

Conference Themes

First Theme
Governance in Sport

Governance helps organizations to achieve sustainable growth and encourages productivity. It also facilitates the process of monitoring and overseeing the performance of institutions by defining the internal control of its work frames, forming specialized committees and by applying transparency and disclosure.

second Theme
Integrity in sport

Integrity helps organizations to solve challenges facing sports sector, especially lack of commitment to integrity, which threatens the future of sports. Therefore, this conference aims to provide visions, solutions and proposals that will contribute to reducing this issue to insure fair competition in the field of sports.